Always the same, AELGA is waiting for you

August 19,2019

 Pazhou exhibition hall, Guangzhou, October 23th-27th,2019


The 126th Canton Fair is coming as scheduled


Familiar with AELGA 's old friends, we will meet again


Aelga brand exhibition area is still waiting for you in the old place


And new friends AELGA never met before,Hello,


We are Here, no more introduction. It's good to be here.


Kitchenware Brand Area  6.1 Hall E35-36 F09-10


Glassware Brand Area 7.1 Hall C26-27 D20-21


This show, Aelga's spirit will be more fierce and service will be more in place.


Aelga's innovative products will still appear in unexpected ways


Over the past 10 years, Aelga has continuously improved, explored and innovated.


Along the way, the change of Aelga is the only unchanged original self


Remember:  Pazhou exhibition hall, Guangzhou, October 23-27


Kitchenware Brand Area: 6.1 Hall E35-36 F09-10


Glassware Brand Area: 7.1 Hall C26-27 D20-21,


New and old friends, we are together!


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