Canton fair|Art of life, your choice with aelga

November 08,2019


General manager Mr. Yaofeng Yue tell you aelga’s develop road


Whereever, aelga is always the most sparkle and attracted all of people.And aelga always show items designed by themselves with patent.


Glass hall 7.1 


Kitchenware hall 6.1

Changes/ new


Aelga is always engaged in design items suitable for our life, and leading development of glass field,always changing to made design populated by customers. In this fair, aelga made various of color to meet customers need of different market.



Tio get cusomters’agree, aelga need do more. From established date, aelga always make new in work and design, always made new in this field. Because aelga is full of spirit to homeware items, so aelga design always populated by customers from all over the world.

Mark design

24 Oct,Mark design award canton fair “silver award”



Made in China, aelga is always here


Aelga is always careful for all new design



Good design comes from aelga good designer


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