Aelga warm Thanksgiving month

06 December, 2023

Be Thankful to have you with love. In order to enhance corporate culture and social responsibility, AELGA will set November as Thanksgiving month every year. Aelga will hold a charity charity sale in which idle items will be donated for charity sale. All proceeds from the charity sale will be used for charitable purposes.

On November 23rd AELGA launched a two-day charity sale. Before the event, we sorted out a variety of samples, there are exquisite storage tanks, a variety of insulation cup, patent control oil pot and a variety of gift box sets. On the day of the event, just set up a bazaar, the scene has been crowded, lively, some of the bazaar was quickly snapped up. The charity sale held by the company let love flow between people, and let the products have more temperature and special meaning, and also make this winter more warm.

The people who are always grateful are the happiest. The life that is always grateful is the sweetest. Although Thanksgiving originated in the West, Thanksgiving culture has a long history in China. Equality and respect, giving and contributing, understanding and gratitude. It is not only the universal value that the Chinese nation advocates, but also the culture that every AELGA has been practicing. In the future, AELGA people will still be grateful to the heart, give back to the community, with our power to arouse more warmth!