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We, “ aelga”, are an excellent manufacturer of houseware. Aelga is situated in the beautiful seaside city of Qingdao, known for his convenience in transportation.

Aelga is from the word "elegant" and is in the harmony sound of Chinese phrase "Ai Jia", which means "to love our family". Our design idea roots in the harmony between the human and the nature. We keep in step with the Europe in style. We hope we could take the love for the family into every family in the world along with our products of Aelga. We also hope our love for the family could better the quality of our life. The fascination raised by the sense of love in our heart makes us engaged in our family and decorate it with heart.

We have our own professional designers and factories. Annually we issue twice our latest products according to the latest trends in the world. Our products are characterized by the elegant and fashionable model. We believe our good-looking and functional products will make our family more comfortable and beautiful.

We are qualified to present our customers with the products that they want and to satisfy our customers. Our first-class sales, follow-up designing idea and the strict quality control guarantee our high-quality. We aim at satisfying the diverse requirements of our clients and all the families.

Our products include: glass ware(such as glass jars, cruets, candle holders, glass plates, vases, cups and so on. ), porcelain, stainless steel products, wooden ware, kitchen ware etc.. All our products are appreciated by the customers in different countries. Our customers have faith in our standard administration and steady supply of the products.

You can believe: the more excellent our designs are, the more colorful your life is; the better our products are, the happier and the healthier your life is. We will try our best to create and design more high-quality products to ensure you enjoy your perfect life. Let's cooperate to create the much more beautiful and colorful life for tomorrow.


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