Aelga took part in the 135th Canton Fair with great ingenuity

24 April, 2024
The 135th Canton Fair

——135th ——

Start Harvest Mode


Good Start

Guangzhou started to experience rain and rain. Along with a large number of news related to flight delays in Guangzhou in the circle of friends, the flights of AELGA staff were not spared. The last few waves of teams traveled to different cities in batches, the high-speed train finally converged on Guangzhou, perhaps the most bumpy trip in history.

But there is an old saying in China: "It is a blessing to ride on the Smooth Road, go out and meet the rain for money." It seems that the 135th Canton Fair buyers will continue to flow, orders will be rolling in! Without further ado, take you to our exhibition, look at this year's different aelga!


Kitchenware and Tableware↑


Glass Artware↑

The Real Canton Fair

Strong Passenger Flow

We unanimously feedback a passenger flow has resumed before the outbreak, or even better! This makes our second-phase enterprise excited, looking forward to the development of today has finally come.

The first time the front of the small partners feedback, Booth site is really constantly breaking the passenger flow record, compared with the previous, multiple levels continue to climb, order volume than the first day of the last launch has increased several times. Our staff from the morning to enter the museum busy more than two o'clock in the afternoon are not free to eat!


These achievements, in fact, we can not do without the continuous improvement of our own R & D capabilities, from the beginning of the Chinese made, to China's creative transformation.



The New Eye-Catcher

Each year, AELGA introduces new products with different styles and techniques, which not only dazzle customers all over the world, but also attract a lot of orders. Today, the first day, our order has been scheduled to the spring festival period, this is no doubt to show the world our creative charm and potential!


Aelga is growing as it reaps orders. Product Research and development more market-oriented, product functions constantly improve and update.


During the exhibition, our staff and many old customers face-to-face exchanges, in-depth understanding of their needs and product feedback, this direct communication allows us to more accurately grasp the market dynamics, adjust product strategy and service direction in time. In addition, through in-depth exchanges with old customers, we also found many potential cooperation opportunities for business development has laid a solid foundation.

Looking Forward To Meeting


Glass Artware


Kitchenware and Tableware


For the next four days, 

welcome to the AELGA glass artware and kitchenware and tableware.

May our global orders reach new highs