AELGA Successfully Held The System Training Conference

19 June, 2024

Recently, the company sincerely invited all employees in Qingdao to participate in a successful internal system training meeting. The purpose of this meeting is to enhance employees' understanding of the company's system, improve work efficiency, and promote teamwork.In this meeting, the company's personnel responsible for the importance of the company's system, content and implementation of a simple in-depth explanation. The training session not only provided us with clearer guidelines for the implementation of the system, but also gave us an opportunity to communicate with each other and share problems and solutions at work.

As a growing enterprise, we know that excellent internal system is one of the key elements to ensure the stability and development of the enterprise. Through the understanding and application of internal systems, we can constantly improve their work methods and methods, enhance personal professional literacy and ability, thus improving work efficiency and teamwork, realize the win-win of individual value and enterprise development.