Aelga successfully shortlisted the 2019 Canton Fair CF Award

19 July, 2019

The 2019 Canton Fair CF Awards ended in perfection. The aelga [Mark Series] and [Latin Series] products stood out and successfully shortlisted the final evaluation stage. The Canton Fair CF Award, namely the Canton Fair Export Product Design Award, provides a broader space for China's innovative products. This year, the organizing committee received 1,458 products from 732 companies, and after careful selection by 36 judges from various circles , they examined innovation, functionality, quality, aesthetics and environmental protection. The national judges conducted the evaluation purely and directly, and finally 437 products of 227 companies finally succeeded in crossing the shortlisted for the line. It is a great honor that the mark series developed by aelga and the Latin pressed vinegar bottle have been unanimously elected and praised by the judges. They have successfully entered the final evaluation stage. The finalists are some of the leading enterprises such as Haier, Gree, Hisense, Skyworth and Jiuyang.

In addition to the existing representatives of the Canton Fair Global Business Partners (large channel), the 36 members of the initial jury of the year added 13 “Canton Fair CF Awards Experiencers (CXO)”. They use the market's rigorous eyesight and judging criteria to select the best products that best meet or exceed terminal requirements! In fact, as early as the company's founding, aelga's innovative industrial attitude and love of life ensured that every product of aelga is serving the life, and also the art of life. The finalists of this award will also better explain the concept of aelga products. On August 14th, the 2019 CF Awards will be held for the final evaluation meeting. Nine judges from 6 countries and regions will rely on their professional value and industry vision to determine the final title ownership! Let us look forward to the success of aelga...