Canton Fair, here we come

11 April, 2023

The second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair will be held in Guangzhou on April 23. This year's Canton Fair is the first time that it has fully resumed offline after the epidemic. Aelga, a leading company in the field of kitchen and household products, will also come as scheduled, and will display new products, new colors and new techniques at this Canton Fair, aiming to show the innovative strength and market potential of aelga's products fully demonstrate the company's core competitiveness and industry-leading position.


It is worth noting that aelga will provide a variety of products with different styles and different crafts for selection according to the needs of different scenarios at this exhibition, so that healthy kitchen and household products with warmth can enter thousands of households. From then on, you will love in the kitchen, fall in love with home. The 133rd Canton Fair will attract many companies from all over the world to participate in the exhibition. Aelga hopes to communicate deeply with domestic and foreign customers and share market opportunities in this platform.


On April 23, please pay attention to aelga's wonderful appearance at the 133rd Canton Fair!

Kitchenware booth :19.1 E32-33,19.1 F11-12  (mainly for glassware with stainless steel items

Glassware    booth : 2. 2 I 37-38,  2. 2 J11-12   (mainly for borosilciate glass, hand made glass items)


The kitchenware and glassware halls echo each other, just to provide you with more product choices. Aelga looks forward to working with you to "love in the kitchen and fall in love with home".