134th Canton Fair, Qingdao Aelga arrives as scheduled!

16 October, 2023

134th Canton Fair, Qingdao Aelga arrives as scheduled!

10.16 广交会预告英文封面


On October 23rd,the second phase of the 134th Canton Fair will be grandly unveiled in Guangzhou.As a rich-experienced exhibitor(old Canton Fair),who has participated in the Fair for more than 30 times, Qingdao Aelga will bring many distinctive and unique high-quality products this time.Relying on the Canton Fair,this international platform,well actively integrate into the tide of global trade and demonstrate the vitality of Aelga.


At this Canton Fair, Qingdao Aelga will still focus on the brand booths as our main force lines in both kitchen utensils and glass craft-works exhibition halls.Combining many innovative highlights of products,just appear in front of new and old buyers in a stunning manner and demonstrate Qingdao Aelgas great strides in home&kitchen field! 


October 23rd, 134th Canton Fair Phase II Exhibition Hall
Kitchen Utensils 1.2 K37-39 L10-12
Glass Craft-works 14.1 F30-32 G12-15
Looking forward to our reunion!