A Field Trip For The Team

19 March, 2024

Behind the bustling city, there is a field full of vitality and vitality, where there is fresh air, green leaves, attractive fruits and rippling waves. At the beginning of the project, the staff of the Zibo office began to work on the production line. In order to let everyone relax after work and enhance team cohesion, the company gathered some key personnel to walk out of the office together, set out on a fishing trip, experience the joy of being different, enhance the team cohesion.



Into the picking garden, greeted the eye is that a piece of green leaves and red fruits. Here, the team members laughed and took out their mobile phones to record the beautiful moment and share their love for the Strawberry Garden. Picking process, team members cooperate with each other, division of labor is clear, there is exploration of the best picking terrain, there are hands-on picking, even set up a group competition system... ... Finally, those tempting fruits fall in everyone's mouth one after another, the sweet juice moistens the throat, also melted the distance between everyone. In this process, we not only experienced the joy of harvest, but also enhanced mutual understanding and trust. Looking at the full fruit, our hearts are full of satisfaction and pride.


After the harvest, we came to Zibo's most representative lake, Wuyang Lake, people say every step is the scenery, step by step nostalgia. Come here, everyone's heart also along with the ripples of the lake, quietly ripples. Wuyang Lake is also a good place to“Net” fishing, whenever the team has a net to a small fish, will attract a cheer. And when the fish was entangled with foreign bodies, we will work together to save the fish back to the lake. This spirit of unity and cooperation also makes the activity more fun. During the activity, we sincerely exchange, sharing the details of life, this relaxed and happy atmosphere, let us cherish the team, but also let us this team-building activities have achieved fruitful results.

Through this fishing activities, we not only release the work pressure, but also enhance the cohesion of the team, so that everyone in the busy work temporarily forget the Troubles, enjoy the quiet nature. I believe that in the future work, we will continue to play this team spirit, work together to more full of enthusiasm into the work, common contribution to the development of the company.