Light Up Your Life With Love

28 March, 2024
Thanks Giving 2024

In this world,there is a group of special children,they have a pure smile and kind heart,but because of mental retardation and face all kinds of difficulties and challenges.However, it is these children,with their tenacity and courage, taught us what is really strong and love.In this season of gratitude,Aelga stepped into their world and came to the Ebenezer supported employment demonstration center to light their hopes for the future with our love and action.


“Love Out Love Back,Blessing Fukurai,”this is to come here to hear one of the most words,the head of the center and the heart of the young people there are always grateful to come here every warm-hearted people.Under the guidance of Dean Guo,e visited our small farm, Pond and workshop.


They are the angels of angels, their smiles are as warm as the sun,let us see the power of hope.To show their love for us,the children took the workshop as a stage for a warm opening dance.They are not alone.They feel accepted and loved.


Yiqi Employment Support Center for them to develop part-time work-study model,the center set up supermarkets,coffee bars, dessert shops,so that they feel the warmth of society and professional working attitude, also let them understand that through hard work can achieve self-worth.



This time,the AELGA staff also became apprentices,led by the young heart,and taught the technical essentials of making Wormwood Hammers and handmade soaps.We fully integrated with each other and worked together to complete dozens of hand-made products, the finished products will also be used for charity sales in the future.

The power of love

This time into the“Yiqi” auxiliary center,we warm the hearts of these young people with practical actions,but also hope that the hearts of young people get more corporate attention and support.


In today's business environment,enterprises should not only pursue economic benefits,but also pay attention to social responsibility.Public Welfare is an important part of corporate social responsibility,gente public welfare practice has never stopped, care for the vulnerable groups,environmental action, charity sales, disaster relief.every event is like a Dead Poets Society,nourishing the soul in need of help.


In the future, the source will continue to love into the development of the community,to contribute to the community.Let's work together to light up the future with love.