Aelga Attended The Annual Conference On Foreign Trade Development

01 April, 2024

At the end of March, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of light 2024 held the 2024 Annual Conference on the development of foreign trade in light industry in Beijing, wang Zhongqi, president of the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of light crafts, Li Wenfeng, Zhang Jie and Chen Jiangfeng, vice-presidents of the Chamber of Commerce, attended the meeting and Wang addressed the annual meeting. Nearly 400 people from various local commercial authorities, local light industry business associations and light industry foreign trade enterprises attended the meeting. Qingdao Yuan Te was invited to the annual meeting as a member of the board of directors.


At the annual meeting, the leaders and experts delivered speeches on international and domestic economic and trade situation and policies, high-quality development of foreign trade, double-circular development pattern and RMB exchange rate. The content of this annual meeting is substantial, the arrangement is compact, the expert speech is bright, close to the enterprise concern, has the important guiding significance to the next step industry development. Over the past year, the light industry has come under pressure from the global economic downturn and geopolitical turmoil to enter the 2024 market. AELGA is willing to share its experience with its peers and explore new opportunities for innovation, to promote the high-quality development of light industry foreign trade to make a force.